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OMI - Cheerleader (Felix Jaehn Remix) [Official Video]


As the song began gaining worldwide success, a new music video for the Jaehn remix was commissioned.[5] It was shot on location in Haulover Beach, Florida, which was designed to capture the song's essence, described by Pasley as a "constant warm sunshine-playful vibe."[16] The clip was directed by Lenny Bass, who previously directed videos for Fantasia and Gavin DeGraw.[16]

In March, a deal was signed with Syco Music, a label owned and operated by British music mogul Simon Cowell, to promote and distribute the song throughout the United Kingdom.[20] The song's popularity on streaming media in the UK brought forth its official release date there to mid-April.[21] It shortly thereafter debuted on the country's pop charts and was assisted by a viral video of Cowell singing the song.[14] By early May, the song had topped the UK Singles Chart; four weeks in, it broke chart records as the longest-running single by a Jamaican artist.[22][23]

In verse 2, OMI begins hinting at the physical aspect of the relationship: "She walks like a model / She grants my wishes like a genie in a bottle." Perhaps the "cheerleader" reference is also related to the stereotype and common actuality of cheerleaders being attractive. As OMI sings the word "bottle" in the older music video he waves his hand to outline an hourglass figure, suggesting that his "wishes" could be of a nature related to her body. 59ce067264


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